Staff inductions

It’s not easy to get all the right people in the same room at the same time, but video makes it possible to share content with everybody.

Rather than having to repeatedly schedule a day or week-long series of talks and presentations, new recruits can be given a whistle-stop tour of your organisation from the comfort of their chair.

We think and film from the standpoint of both the presenter and the viewer, ensuring that all the important stuff is seen and heard in a natural, comprehensible way. Key people can be filmed in their own work environment, which is convenient for them and adds useful context for the viewer.

Video inductions are efficient and cost-effective, saving time for everyone, and ensuring a consistent starting point for all new recruits. Content from different departments can be viewed in the right order, ensuring a logical and comprehensive induction.

To further support learning, we can add graphics or presentations and direct viewers to other resources.

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