Video takes the ‘one-to-many’ concept of training to a new level, giving you the power to reach thousands of people with a single delivery.

Since key staff members only have to provide the information once, commissioning a film dramatically reduces the cost of training while increasing reach. Videos can be watched in groups to facilitate joint learning and discussion, or individually for private study.

Whether on disc or online, viewers have a permanent resource that can be accessed on-demand whenever a revision session is needed. The ability to pause or rewind maximises both convenience and comprehension.

We work closely with trainers to enhance their on-screen presentation and ensure key messages are captured clearly and concisely. Diagrams, images and animations can easily be inserted and we can edit or update content at any time to meet different learning needs or revised practice updates.

Providing links to web content enables viewers to access resources and downloads, participate in discussion boards and resolve FAQs.

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