Using video is a highly-effective way of recording the work undertaken by clinicians and healthcare staff, setting out a case or presenting findings during consultations. Online distribution and regular updates keeps interested parties informed throughout the process.

The hands-on nature of healthcare means that even the best writers sometimes find it hard to express their work in words, and this can also be a time-consuming process. Video enables rapid recording and knowledge sharing, with the benefit of practical demonstration. An audio/visual format often conveys more than text, with an immediacy and candour that increase the comprehension and impact of your work for the benefit of colleagues and ultimately patients.

Our camera crews are aware of the sometimes sensitive and confidential nature of medical practice, and work closely with staff to ensure content is captured without intrusion. Photographs, graphics and other resources can easily be added during the editing stage.

Sharing knowledge through video adds significantly to professional development, best-practice and peer-to-peer learning. It also fosters rewarding opportunities for professional dialogue and collaboration.


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