Promoting health awareness

Film can play a key role in health promotion, challenging indifference and reaching your audience with informing and educating via a popular and widely accessible and popular medium.

Video has the power to lift information off the page and into the public conscience, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of health promotion literature, posters, websites and media campaigns.

With a wide range of formats and viewing options, films can be enjoyed in the comfort and privacy of the home, or shared in group settings such as training facilities, community venues, the workplace, or schools and colleges. Mobile devices and social networking add further opportunities for sharing video content.

Using an engaging documentary style, we turn sometimes complex subjects into clear and compelling stories, conveying key messages in a credible and memorable way that helps to inform and – most importantly – to prompt action. A simple explanation from a doctor or nurse, plus patients relating their own experiences, can help put viewers at ease and encourage far greater awareness of their health.

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