Live events

The next best thing to being there is a well-produced film that conveys the event experience and captures key content.

Since it’s not always possible for people to attend conferences, seminars and presentations, calling in a video crew to record the occasion ensures that nobody need miss out. Events can be marketeding and distributed long after they’re over, maximising content value and reach. Uploading film to the web helps maximise viewing opportunities and provides a permanent record of the event.

Delegates and non-attendees can access the event at their own convenience, using menus and navigation to select specific elements of the programme. Any videos or presentation slides shown at the event can be seamlessly integrated, so that content is viewed ‘as live.’ Off-programme footage can also be included to add context and atmosphere.We also include contextual footage to set the scene and add atmosphere.

Our professional camera teams work closely with event organisers to ensure high quality sound and vision. We secure the best filming locations, recording all the key moments without interrupting proceedings, or intruding on presenters and the audience.


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